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100% pure organic baobab oil.


It does not contain any preservatives, preservatives, synthetic colors, fragrances, etc.

A super oil that can be used not only on your face, but also on your hair and skin.

The oil obtained from the fruit seeds of the organically grown baobab tree is golden in color and has little fragrance.

Baobab oil is also known asmagic oil

It is made of highly pure fatty acids and vitamins with excellent beauty effects, which are difficult to make in the body.


Main Nutritional Ingredients:

・ Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids - Highly moisturizing and prevents dryness. Suitable for aging care.

・Vitamin A - Promotes skin repair and regeneration.

-Vitamin D - has antiseptic properties.

・Vitamin E - Reduces dullness and sagging.


how to use:

Take 1-2 pumps of Baoba Booster Essence into the palm of your hand, gently spread it over your face, nape of your neck, and the ends of your hair and apply it gently. You can use it all over your body.

After washing your face, it is also recommended to apply the baoba booster to your face and then use lotion.

Good penetration and moisturizing effect.

It can also be used as a base material for handmade cosmetics.

NOX Baoba Booster Essence 30ml

  • component

    baobab seed oil


    Internal capacity



    Country of origin

    South Africa

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