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食べないより食べた方がいいチョコレート|Good for health - Proven by science



       ~ ストックホルム, スウェーデン


『 NOX プレミアムオーガニックチョコレート』


「その秘訣はレシピにあります。アサイー、バオバブ、カカオ、などのすべての原料が100% オーガニックで、個々の抗酸化作用を最大限に活かすために、特別なプロセスで製造されています」と、スウェーデンのメソファーマ社の研究員であり薬剤師でもあるMadelen D omajnko は自信を持って語る。

驚きの抗酸化物質 NOX1個でORAC 数値 9472!!

ヘルシーチョコレートを食べて体重を減らす︖ 抗酸化物質はORAC(活性酸素吸収能力)という単位で測定します。
これは米国立衛生研究所の科学者が開発したもので、米国農務省の1 日当たりの推奨ORAC 摂取量は 3,000 ~5,000 ORAC です。
NOX チョコレートのORAC 数値のテストを行ったところ下記のような結果がでました。

メソファーマ社はいくつかの科学的研究を取り入れてNOX チョコレートが体重軽減のサポートになると表していますが、それはどうしてできるのですか?

Madelen「それはNOX が100% オーガニックチョコレートでありとても低いGI 値(たったの23GI)だからです。それにより血糖値を安定させ食欲を抑えられます。特に甘いものですね。同時にダイエット効果も期待できます」


メソファーマ社はNOX チョコレートがアンチエイジングの効果もあると自信をもっています。

その理由は、NOX チョコレートを定期的に食べることで血圧を下げ、新しい細胞を活性化させる働きがあるからです。またフラボノイドを配合しており(フラボノイドはポリフェノールのひとつ)、植物が紫外線や害虫などから身を守るために生成している物質で、私たちの肌をソフト にし、有害な紫外線から保護する役割をもっています。
2,000以上の研究により、ダークチョコレートと カカオは健康にとても良いことが分かっています。

低GI(血糖インデックス)で血糖値の上昇につながらず、食欲の抑制にも効果を発揮します。 ピュアカカオは強力な食欲抑制効果があるため、ダイエット食品に添加されることも多くあります。



Good for health - Proven by science

Now it's proven by science – there is chocolate that is good for your health.

“It sounds like a dream but actually you can get healthy, lose weight for life and prevent aging with the new Nox Premium Organic Chocolate.

The secret lies in the recipe, using 100% organic Acai, Baobab and Cacao superfruits and specially developed production process to create maximum of antioxidants” says the medical expert and pharmacist Madelen D. at the Swedish company Mesopharma.

Antioxidant boost – amazing 9 472 ORAC per piece
Madelen D., medical expert and pharmacist has been part of the research team that has developed this new revolutionary healthy chocolate. She explains that antioxidants neutralizes free radicals and can prevent aging and several diseases. Antioxidants can be measured in ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), a measuring system developed by scientists at the US National Institutes of Health. USDA has recommended daily intake of minimum 3,000- 5,000 ORAC units.

One piece 4.5 gram of NOX healthy organic chocolate contains 9 472 ORAC. NOX Chocolate has been tested by an independent global laboratory, specialized in antioxidant research. One piece, 4.5 grams, contains 9 472 ORAC!
Lose weight eating healthy chocolate?
Mesopharma has taken part of several scientific studies and it shows that Nox chocolate may help you with your weight loss efforts. How is that possible?

Madelen says: “It is mainly because Nox 100% organic chocolate has a very low GI index - only 20. That can help you help you stabilize your blood sugar levels and suppress your appetite, especially for sweets. At the same time it is a delicious addition to your diet.”

You can prevent aging
What Mesopharma also has discovered is that NOX chocolate may be used to prevent aging. The reason is that NOX contains flavanoids that may lower the blood pressure and speed up production of new cells. Flavonoids supports blood vessels, keeping them youthful and alert. The flavanoids also can help keep your skin soft, as well as protecting it from the sun's harmful rays.

Mesopharma has developed a special production process to maximise level of flavonoids since normal chocolate production destroys up to 50% of the flavanoids.
Over 2000 scientific studies

Over 2000 studies has been conducted showing the positive health effects of dark chocolate and cacao. The ensure these health benefits, the important thing is to make sure that the antioxidants not are destroyed during the production process. Mesopharma has developed a special production process to maximise level of flavanoids, which are directly proportional to antioxidant levels, since normal chocolate production destroys up to 50% of the flavanoids.
Lowering weight – Body Mass Index (BMI)
“Adults who consumed chocolate more frequently had a lower BMI than those who consumed chocolate less often.”
JAMA Internal Medicine, March 2012

Lowering blood pressure & cholesterol
“The blood pressure and cholesterol lowering effects of dark chocolate consumption are beneficial in the prevention of cardiovascular events in a population with metabolic syndrome. Daily dark chocolate consumption could be an effective cardiovascular preventive strategy...”
British Medical Journal, May 2012
Mood and well-being
“…chocolate preference in old age was associated with better health, optimism and better psychological well-being.”
European Journal of Nutrition, No 3 2008

Skin health – whitening
“Our study demonstrated that regular consumption of a chocolate rich in flavanols confers significant photoprotection and can thus be effective at protecting human skin from harmful UV effects. Conventional chocolate has no such effect.”
Journal of Cosmetice Dermatology, Sept 2009